What is Enrichment?

Everything outside of a traditional core curriculum that nourishes the mind, body or spirit is considered enrichment.

Why Enrichment is Important

Traditional school subjects are wonderful and vital components in any educational curriculum, however we know there is more to growing a well-rounded child. We believe that sparking curiosity in nature, learning how to physically feel good with healthy foods and nurturing innate qualities of goodness does exactly that. 

By bringing attention to these non-traditional components of education and creating fun activities that reinforce the concepts, we find children's spirits emerging with new life. Their self confidence skyrockets, their ability to truly know themselves blossoms, and their connection with family and the world around them becomes stronger. Enrichment on these deeper levels is a key at-home component to every child's elementary education.

enrichment is about engaging:

...engaging with SELF

Bringing attention to innate qualities of goodness helps children to realize their own potential. Character-building is about kids recognizing what is already inside of them and discovering their innermost selves. With activities, stories and family discussion, children gain a familiarity with different motivators and connect to their families at the heart.

...engaging with nature

Nature is all around us giving us cues about our own lives. We often just don't know what we're looking for. By observing, interacting and using all of our senses, nature calms us and opens our hearts to feel connected to, and supported by, the world around us. 

...engaging with food AND health

Nourishing our bodies with wholesome food can be one of the greatest joys as our physical bodies respond with energy, vitality and health. Instilling a sense of food as nourishment rather than just calories for fuel  can provide a sense of connectedness and ownership in one's health.

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