What they say about our In-Person Programs...

Julia S.

Goleta, CA

Nature Rangers is amazing and our whole family feels it. There is freedom for my children to be themselves while learning the most amazing life skills and academics at the same time. They come home sharing with me all about the Mayan ruins and geography and bring home incredible art projects. What we get is a learning experience for our children that addresses their whole being and in the beautiful outdoors that we have here in SB. The friends they have made there will be for life, and the gift they have been given with Nature Rangers is priceless. One time when we were all sick and they couldn't attend, they wept and cried because they wanted to go so badly! The program Tracy has created and the incredible spirit and love she brings to it everyday is more than any parent could ask for.

Kelly A.

Santa Barbara, CA

Everyday our kids came home full of wonder. They said Nature Rangers Summer Camp was the best camp EVER and couldn’t wait to go back each morning! They made friends, explored the outdoors, and had a truly healthy camp experience.

Janeen S.

Goleta, CA

Nature Rangers Outdoor School IS the highlight of my kids weekly educational experience, and MY much needed break to organize or enjoy a moment to myself! Thank you Nature Rangers!!!

Whitney S.

Goleta, CA

My son loved Nature Rangers Summer Camp, and came home every day to tell me excitedly about the abandoned bees nest they found or the snake they saw on a hike. He learned so much and had a total blast in nature meeting new friends. He couldn't wait for the next day to begin!

Julie M.

Goleta, CA

My daughter loves it all! Thank you for putting together a program with such dynamic activities! 5 stars and rave reviews from my kid!

Iwris H.

Santa Barbara, CA

My 8 year old son loves Nature Rangers camps! He did both summer camp and winter camp and he was so happy to be outside, learn about nature and make new friends. 

Bethany A.

Santa Barbara, CA

Our son made so many new friends and was happy all week at Nature Rangers Summer Camp. He enjoyed all the interaction with other kids, free-play time and activities. The owners were absolutely wonderful too!

Laurel S.

Santa Barbara, CA

We loved that our kids were able to be outdoors and get dirty and use their imaginations! They especially loved building the big fort and the the climbing station. Thank you Nature Rangers!!

Jordan S.

Santa Barbara, CA

The positive impact of this program catalyzed a major turning point for my daughter’s relationship with nature and her relationship with herself. One of the most heart-centered staff in the business of outdoors youth programs in California (and I would know, I’ve run many of them). Despite some initial resistance to hiking and being tired, our daughter asked us for hiking poles so that we could “go to more beautiful places together in nature, like waterfalls”. Thank you for creating the conditions for our daughter’s transformation!

What they say about our Downloadable Modules...

Megan Van Sipe

The School Nest

Together you’ll learn about a character trait - what it looks like, why it matters, and how to foster it in yourselves and encourage it in each other. I find the Virtues & Values Modules the most important part of the whole monthly guide! The guides are approachable for caregivers with kids in traditional school settings or homeschools to connect as a family and learn together through stories, nature experiences, and time together in the kitchen cooking and learning about wellness. Think of it as enriching your life at home.

Jennifer Davis


Nature Rangers downloads are jam-packed with loads of fun and engaging character, nature, and nutrition activities. Each module will have you anxiously awaiting the excellent enrichment planned for the next one!

Heidi Ciravola

Stars at Eight

I love that even though this was created to be an elementary enrichment program, so many of the activities can include the whole family! The Nutrition category is a place where you really see this!

Emily Copeland

Table Life Blog

Character training and personal development are a key part of intentional parenting, but success in this area doesn’t happen overnight. It comes through consistent instruction and modeling, which makes character development a natural fit for family enrichment activities. Nature Rangers covers that through the Virtues & Values Modules. This series features a specific character trait or behavior and provides exercises and talking points for exploring it with children. These modules also feature wonderful living book recommendations that highlight the focal character trait; This allows kids to get a clear example of that trait or behavior in action.

Mary Ann Kochenderfer

Mama Smiles

The Nature Rangers modules really impressed me! The activities are interesting and easy to do. That’s a tough combination to find! This really does feel like a whole child education. The activities are fun, engaging, and educational. There are a range of activities to pick and choose from.

Shawna Wingert

Different by Design Learning

The greatest benefit, from my perspective, is that it takes the guesswork and pressure out of adding these types of activities...  I love the hands-on activity options for character development, nature study and nutrition/cooking, without ever having to do a single Pinterest search. 

Ashley Moore

Life with Moore Babies

I know the fun is often left out in our home education. Between trying to teach all the kids core subjects to driving kids to extra-curriculars to keeping up with chores, time just seems to vanish! Nature Rangers offers a way to bring some more engagement to your home whether you are homeschooling or just want some extra quality time with your kids after school. 

Brandi Jordan

Mama Teaches

Doing Virtues & Values activities together offers a huge benefit to both children and their adults, because it encourages communication, thought development, and builds character. As a homeschool mom, I really appreciated the fact that everything we needed to complete the bulk of the enrichment activities was included.