Personal Initiative


Our Personal Initiative mini-kit from our SELF module is a comprehensive collection of ideas, practices and worksheets to cultivate personal initiative. 

Your kids will learn to:

  • Recognize personal initiative when they see it
  • Develop personal initiative with fun and engaging activities
  • Be better self-motivated 
  • Understand why cultivating an inner drive matters
  • Recognize the opposite and some of the pitfalls of living without being self motivated

Inside the mini-kit you will find:

  • 14 colorful, printable pages 
  • 6 interactive, printable activities
  • 2 Book titles to illustrate personal initiative in literature (lower and upper elementary)
  • Comprehensive set of family discussion questions for each book to reinforce the theme of personal initiative
  • Parent tips to set the stage for success in nurturing this virtue at home

This is a digital product for immediate download.