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About Our Program

Nature Rangers is a daytime supplemental homeschool program for TK-3rd graders, designed to awaken and engage their hearts and minds through hands-on nature activities, art projects, nature crafts, scientific discovery, and interest-led exploration.

We are grounded in a spirit of grace and integrity, detached from shifting narratives, and have created a place for kids to learn, have fun and build character. Our days consist of gentle "place-based" nature learning with a 5:1 mixed grade student ratio, where curiosity is the guide to spark interest and further inquiry into an endless supply of topics. 

We provide a combination of structured and unstructured activities, balancing facilitated learning, arts & crafts and games with a great deal of child-led discovery and art using nature as a backdrop. We strive to create a warm environment where we speak and educate with love and kindness, while also taking an active role teaching children how to communicate effectively, express their needs, and respect the needs of others.


Welcome Explorers! Exploration Stations are where children learn through hands-on activities during daily activity sessions. We facilitate new content each week covering the following areas over the school year:

Nature Studies

Explore the five senses, discover and compare different habitats and ecosystems, and engage with the incredible plants and animals who live there.


Express creativity with different modalities of art including watercolors, acrylics, process art, chalk, oil pastels, colored pencils, nature paint and more.

Wilderness Skills

Develop basic survival skills to be a nature explorer learning how to use tools, knots, how to build shelter, and identify various nature dangers.

Local History

Learn the stories and practices and even try making crafts from the Native American cultures from around the Western and Southern United States.


Enjoy nature-based science activities and games. Take advantage of these natural opportunities as we deep dive into our local wilderness.

Nature Crafting

Use nature as a foundation for arts & crafts creations. Discover how to immerse yourself in the wild to make creative and useful expressions.

Earn Specialist Badges!

Children have the opportunity to become Nature Ranger Specialists by completing tasks and earning badges! Following a short group lesson, kids will be given the option to pursue a set of activities related to the topic, designed to deepen their awareness and familiarity through experience. Different badge opportunities will be available each month. 


Character Building

We reinforce polite communication, kind interactions and respectfully treating all living things the way we would like to be treated.

Nature Walks

Build on hiking skills starting with wilderness wanders, and growing to optional longer hikes all while growing self-confidence and tenacity.

Open Arts & Crafts

Paint, draw, sew, gather, collect and assemble crafts and make artwork. Every day includes free expression in the form of various arts and crafts.

Games & Free Play

Run and play and create! Kids always enjoy a healthy helping of free-form fun to move their bodies and learn through child-led play!

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 September 23, 2024 - May 30, 2025
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Santa Barbara:  M-F

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