Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a nurturing space for children to thrive and unlock their fullest potential through a connection with nature. We believe that as children problem solve and follow their own curiosities in such a setting, they develop the skills to become compassionate and impactful members of their communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce a more grounded and confident generation of environmentally conscious, caring, and creative leaders.

Our Values

Interest-Led Exploration

Children can follow their own interests, enjoy the satisfaction of finding answers, and develop their self-confidence, problem solving skills, focus, and creativity.

Open Wilderness Play

Letting kids unleash their creativity, they invent games, develop complex worlds and get lost in the moment of discovery while building friendships to last a lifetime. 

Hands-on Nature Learning

Children get to build, create, play games, observe and record, and truly 'get their hands dirty', experiencing the learning through engaging activities.

Positive Morals & Communication 

Facilitators take an active role to teach universally recognized positive morals like kindness and empathy while encouraging polite interactions.

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