Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a love story between children and nature. We believe that communities best thrive when they are populated with grounded, respectful and peaceful people and we know from both research and experience that intentional time in nature helps to foster each of these traits.

Since nature and its ecosystems must be preserved in order for people to access them, we believe that people must intimately know nature in order to fall in love with it. We provide the bridge that teaches children about the many nuanced faces of the natural world in hopes that they grow up to want to protect, preserve and nurture nature.

Our Values

unstructured time in nature

Children can follow their own interests, enjoy the satisfaction of finding answers, and develop their self-confidence, problem solving skills, focus, and creativity.

facilitated activities

Designed with intention, these daily activities naturally spark curiosity and together children investigate answers to questions big and small and share their findings with others.

hands-on learning

Children get to build, create, play games, observe and record, and truly 'get their hands dirty', experiencing the learning through activities that reinforce learning.

kindness to all of nature

Learning to respect plants, animals, the efforts of rangers, and others who wish to enjoy nature, children learn to be lifelong environmental stewards.

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