Make Wilderness Crafts

Nature Rangers provides a creative and hands-on way for children to connect with the natural world while unleashing their imagination. Here’s what makes our program a one-of-a-kind experience:

  1. Inspired by Nature: Nature is the ultimate muse, and our wilderness crafts activities celebrate the beauty and bounty of the outdoors. From foraged materials like twigs, leaves, and stones to making their own wilderness paint brushes and crafting tools, children will have the opportunity to create unique works of art inspired by the world around them. Whether it’s crafting leaf rubbings, weaving dream catchers, or sculpting clay animals, every project is infused with the spirit of the wilderness.
  2. Hands-On Learning: Our program is steeped in hands-on exploration and experimentation. Children develop essential fine motor skills as they manipulate materials and tools, honing their creativity and problem-solving abilities along the way. With guidance from experienced instructors, they learn traditional crafting techniques and gain a deeper appreciation for the natural materials they use.
  3. Connection to the Environment: Through wilderness crafts and exploration, children forge a deeper connection to the environment as they gather materials directly from the land. Whether it’s collecting fallen pine cones in the forest or playing in reeds by the pond, each opportunity gives children the ability to see nature in a different light. By teaching children to use resources mindfully and sustainably, we empower them to become conscientious stewards of the earth.
  4. Cultivating Creativity: Our progam is a playground for creativity, where imagination knows no bounds. Children are encouraged to experiment, innovate, and express themselves through their creations, whether they’re crafting nature-inspired self portraits, designing eco-friendly jewelry, or imprinting nature textures into clay. With a focus on process over product, every project becomes a celebration of individuality and self-expression.
  5. Memorable Experiences: The memories made while completing our wilderness crafts are as enduring as the crafts themselves. Whether it’s the satisfaction of completing a project from start to finish, the joy of sharing stories and laughter with newfound friends, or the sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something beautiful with their own two hands, every experience leaves a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of our young artists. In addition, Nature Rangers get to take their beautifully crafted accomplishments home and share what they created with their family. 

Join us to experience our wide array of wilderness crafts that we facilitate each and every day of our programs!

Tracy is the Founder and CEO of Nature Rangers Wilderness Programs. She is a certified Forest School Teacher, nature enthusiast, homeschool mom, public speaker, and a board-certified holistic nutritionist. She holds certifications in Emotional Development, Elementary Montessori, Wilderness First Aid, Leadership and has a Master's Degree from UC Santa Barbara. She currently lives in Santa Barbara with her family.