Middle Grades Leadership Program

Let us guide your 5th-9th grader on a journey to develop a comprehensive suite of leadership skills such as personal initiative, responsibility and self-confidence!

Program Overview

We believe leadership skills require a practical setting to truly blossom. Our 5th-9th grade Leadership Program is designed to train our young leaders to independently problem solve, take initiative, formally present ideas, design a project plan, and execute it!

During the course of each program, our leaders explore the skills required to be an effective leader and practice through interactive lessons, games and activities. Then they are empowered with designing and presenting their own activity in a nurturing setting, being fully supported by our staff for logistics and developing their presentation skills.

Students emerge from our program with pride in their abilities as newly minted Jr. Program Managers!

How It Works

Apply to our program and receive comprehensive leadership training and work experience as a Jr. Program Manager! In between our fun and interactive activities, our leaders participate in group hikes, games, crafts and free play. 

  • 5th-9th graders
  • $280/month for school year program
  • $295/week for week-long camps

Join us for an experience to remember!