Bring Social and Emotional Learning to your Classroom AND to your Families!

Our Enriched Schools program offers a dual integration platform where social and emotional learning in the classroom and in the home mirror each other. We know that parents and teachers want to be on the same page, so we've created a Classroom Companion to our at-home character education, aligned with CASEL's five core competencies to do just that!

Included in our Enriched Schools Program:

A Year of SEL 

Receive ten complete Social and Emotional Learning modules, designed to highlight one character trait each month of the school year. Teachers introduce the topic to the children and develop it over the course of the month in one short lesson per week, while parents deepen its meaning and application at home. This allows teachers and parents to work side by side in developing positive outcomes for each child and the classroom as a whole.

Social and Emotional Learning for Families

We call them SELF modules, as the formal SEL education is adapted to the family setting where parents and caregivers can participate with their children to better reach those vulnerable places. Each month, parents receive a pdf with discussion topics, printables, activity sheets and colorful lessons surrounding a new character trait. They then get to participate in more deeply furthering the collective effort in the classroom.

Classroom Companions

In a simple open and go format, teachers can easily integrate a robust SEL education into their classroom culture. Requiring only one 20 minute lesson per week, teachers will introduce the topic and be guided through the lesson plans to encourage self reflection, teamwork and classroom discussion surrounding each character trait along with printable activity sheets, games, and colorful bulletin board reminders.

Live Parent & Teacher Seminar

Whether in person or on Zoom, the Enriched at Home founders, Tracy Thomas and Julie Otero, provide a presentation to parents and educators introducing the value of Social and Emotional Learning and sharing how to use the materials. They teach best practices to synergistically integrate the lessons and activities into both the home and the classroom to pave the way for measurable growth and lasting character development.  

BONUS: Essential Family Nutrition

Included each Enriched School package is our Foundations of Nutrition package which provides families with the five essential nutrition pillars to help their children to stabilize moods, sustain focus and attention, promote clear thinking and boost immunity. This bonus is designed to equip every family with universal concepts of health that can be applied to any and all dietary preferences. 

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We would love to learn more about your needs for SEL in the classroom. Your investment is $2000 for our comprehensive school-licensing program. We offer a 25% sliding scale based on size of school and economic diversity of school population.