December 15, 2020

Enriched At Home, a new Santa Barbara-based business offering edutainment content for families with children K-6 grade has launched a subscription program offering monthly enrichment kits with entertaining and educational activities for families to complete together in the areas of character development, nature, and nutrition.

The company was founded by Tracy Thomas in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Suddenly homeschooling her young daughter Brighton, Thomas was searching for quality supplemental curriculum that would bring learning to life but found herself disappointed with many of the offerings on the market. “What I was searching for was enrichment content with heart.  I wanted to find activities that I could do with my daughter that would strengthen our connection, inspire a love of learning, and help her grow into a self-confident, kind, and wise young adult,” explained Thomas. “When I realized that what I was seeking wasn’t available, I decided to create Enriched At Home and develop the content myself.”

When determining the direction for her business, Thomas took inspiration from the teachings of Charlotte Mason, an educator from the late 1800’s who believed in educating the whole person, and not just the mind. Charlotte Mason’s philosophy meshed well with Thomas’ desire to create a curriculum that focused on body, mind, and spirit.

As a Nutritionist, Thomas understands the importance of nourishing the body and has created a nutrition module to help families understand how food can be used to strengthen the immune system, create a more focused learning environment, and set the stage for a lifetime of good physical health. To strengthen the mind and heart, the Self module uses character development techniques that foster traits such as bravery, empathy and kindness in entertaining and inspiring ways. And to further add the element of spirit, the nature module uses nature journaling and outdoor play to help inspire children to not only love the Earth but to strive to protect it. Together, these three modules supplement and build upon the core curriculum children are learning in school. Each of the activities are intended to foster conversation and connection between family members.