Earn Badges

Nature Rangers offers an exciting badge system that rewards children for their accomplishments and achievements throughout the course of their nature education. Here’s how our badge program inspires children to reach new heights:

  1. Structured Learning: Our badge program provides a structured framework for children to set goals, track progress, and earn recognition for their accomplishments. With badges covering a wide range of topics such as weather, exploration, tracking and navigation, habitat restoration, and environmental stewardship, children have the opportunity to explore their interests and develop new talents in a supportive and engaging environment.
  2. First Hand Experiences: Each badge is tied to a series of activities and challenges that encourage children to have first hand experiences by getting outside, exploring nature, and expanding their knowledge and skills. From learning to build a shelter using natural materials to identifying different bird species in the wild, every activity is designed to be fun, educational, and rewarding. Children learn by doing as they tackle new challenges, overcome obstacles, and celebrate their achievements.
  3. Personalized Progress: Our badge program is designed to accommodate children of all ages and abilities, allowing each participant to progress at their own pace and according to their individual interests. Whether they’re earning their first badge or working towards becoming a specialist in many different areas, children are empowered to set goals, take initiative, and chart their own course of exploration and discovery.
  4. Community Connection: Our badge program fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among participants as they work together to achieve common goals and share their experiences with one another. Through group activities, peer mentoring, and shared celebrations, children build friendships, forge connections, and support one another on their journey of growth and achievement.
  5. Celebrating Success: Earning a badge is more than just a symbol of achievement – it’s a celebration of success and a testament to the dedication and perseverance of each participant. Whether it’s receiving a badge and a sincere handshake from their instructors, displaying it proudly on a sash or backpack, or sharing their accomplishments with friends and family, children gain a sense of pride and accomplishment that boosts their confidence and motivates them to continue striving for excellence.

Join us for an outdoor nature program and earn a badge or two!

Some of the badges we currently offer in our programs:

Nature Math



First Aid



Nature Art






Nature Journal



Nature Games








Nature Crafting

Tracy is the Founder and CEO of Nature Rangers Wilderness Programs. She is a certified Forest School Teacher, nature enthusiast, homeschool mom, public speaker, and a board-certified holistic nutritionist. She holds certifications in Emotional Development, Elementary Montessori, Wilderness First Aid, Leadership and has a Master's Degree from UC Santa Barbara. She currently lives in Santa Barbara with her family.