Downloadable Activities K-4th

Nature Studies Modules

In our Nature modules, we move through the seasons and simplify the world of outdoor education. Our fun, open-and-go activities do not require additional planning yet allow you to engage with your neighborhood nature in an easy format. Download our free getting started with Nature guide.

Introductions to Nature Concepts

In each module, we provide you with an informative guide that introduces a new element in nature, complete with descriptive graphics that help concepts come alive along with fun facts and ways to apply what you've learned together in your own backyard or local nature preserve. 

Residential Home

Fun Activities

We take you through seasons and ecosystems and bring you activities to engage and experience experience the living world around you. Learn to attune your five senses and gain an appreciation for nature without complicated preparation! Nature journaling prompts included in each module.

Virtues & Values Modules

In our Virtues & Values modules, children discover powerful ways to love and serve themselves and others. Our tools guide families through lessons and activities to strengthen core values and cultivate the skills that help kids thrive in any situation. Download our free getting started with Virtues & Values guide.

Universal Traits of Goodness

We hand pick a different positive attribute innate in each child to nurture and develop. These are qualities universally recognized as good such as kindness, creativity, integrity, resilience and optimism.

Fun Activities

Each module provides practical applications to move these concepts from the head to the heart and into one's daily life. Build new habits on strong foundations that help children navigate life's difficult situations and their big feelings with ease and finesse. Also included are two books for different levels that demonstrate this character trait through the lives of the characters, with discussion prompts so kids can better recognize it in themselves. 

Give your children the gift of becoming

Nature Rangers!