Specialist Badges

Choose your own adventure as you complete fun tasks while diving deeper into an area of interest! In this optional track within all of our programs, children may select a specific badge to work towards, while our facilitators guide them along the way to completion. They may choose as many as they would like to complete, or none at all! All tasks are designed to be developmentally appropriate.

Nature Math Specialist

Weather Specialist

Flower Specialist

First Aid Specialist

Environmental Steward 

Geological Specialist

Nature Art Specialist

Insect Specialist

Edibles Specialist

Habitat Specialist

Exploration Specialist

Tidepool Specialist

Nature Journal Specialist

Tree Specialist

Watershed Specialist

Nature Game Specialist

Pollination Specialist

Ocean Specialist

Seasonal Specialist

Navigation Specialist

Tracking Specialist

Lifecycle Specialist

Chaparral Specialist

Wildcrafting Specialist