4th-7th Grade | San Antonio, TX


Our Nature Rangers Advanced Program is for 4th-7th* graders who desire to dive deeper into nature with an emphasis on learning nature science and wilderness training skills. Arts and crafts will also be incorporated as well as leadership training, character development, and team building. 

While there will be time for free play spread throughout the day, the majority of the day will be divided into intentional learning times and guided experiences towards skill building. 

Our goal is to cultivate a warm community where education is intertwined with an attitude of teamwork and kindness, preparing children to become purpose-driven, capable and resilient individuals.

*7th graders will also be expected to take on leadership positions, helping and teaching skills to younger students. 



Deep dive into nature science! Students will engage with nature with weekly activities and ongoing projects like charting biodiversity, exploring energy sources, comparing biotic and abiotic ecosystem components, measuring aspects of water and soil, recognizing invasive species or burn potentials, building models for sustainability, assessing data, calculating probabilities and outcomes, developing practical business plans to address local problems, and much, much more! 


Learn a different leadership skill each week and engage in lively discussions with peers exemplifying why they are important to cultivate. Students will engage in practical applications putting these new skills into use. They will learn about effective methods of problem solving, boundaries, teamwork, integrity, trust, creativity, reliability, commitment, humor and many others in the context of becoming capable young leaders!


Woven through our days, students learn practical skills needed to be wilderness experts. Students learn a variety of useful knots, how to read topographical maps, perform wilderness first aid, navigate with a compass, hike with confidence, build shelters, identify and purify water, predict weather, identify and track animals, respond to wilderness threats, how to signal effectively and much more!


With engaging games that are fun for all ages, students awaken their senses along with their enthusiasm for nature through our interactive nature games and advanced Waldorf art projects. Laughter is essential in the learning process, and these games are designed to joyfully bring kids together while experiencing aspects of nature they may otherwise miss. We provide plenty of space for them to create their own games, develop friendships, and make beautiful art inspired by nature. 


During one of our learning periods, students will get to choose their own adventure among rotating stations to discover, create or develop skills they've already cultivated. 

Fine Art

Be guided in advanced Waldorf art techniques using a variety media such as of watercolor, acrylic, chalk, pencils etc.


Enjoy basket or grass weaving, making lanyards, leather work, beading, embroidery, cross-stitch and more!

Nature Study

Use local field guides to research plants or animals and then make detailed drawings and labels in nature journals.

Nature Library

Choose from our carefully selected books and become inspired by fictional or real life characters during quiet reading time. 

Wilderness Skill Practice

Practice tying knots, building shelters, first aid skills, foraging, map and orienteering, or other learned skills.

Project Development

Spend time working on your ongoing community projects while developing civic engagement and project management skills.


Rolling Admissions (Space Permitting)
 September 23, 2024 - May 30, 2025
Thursdays Only

Tuition & Payment Plans

Annual Tuition

Reflects 10% Pay-in-Full Reduction

$1440/1 child

$2736/2 kids

Monthly Payments

Monthly Recurring Credit Card Payments

$200/1 child

$380/2 children

Co-Op Tuition Model

Volunteer 1-4x/month for 1 Child's Tuition Reduction

1x/month: 25% Reduction

2x/month: 50% Reduction

3x/month: 75% Reduction

Weekly: Free Tuition

Is this program right for your family?

Some questions you may wish to ask yourself:

  1. 1
    Am I in agreement with the goals of the Nature Rangers Upper Program (ie. intentional learning and experience of science and nature, wilderness training skills building, character development, leadership training, and team building)? 
  2. 2
    Will I be able to support and cooperate with the leaders of Nature Rangers in these goals in terms of my expectations and also in my communication with my child?
  3. 3
     If my child seems to be struggling with the goals and methods (ie. structured learning times) of this program, am I willing to troubleshoot with the Nature Rangers staff?

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