Our Story

As a parent, I found myself noticing the internal spirits of today's children seeming less peaceful with almost a frenetic need to be entertained. In a culture that values scores and achievement, the pressures to keep up can be so overwhelming that it's no wonder many families hyper-schedule their children's lives. And I was no different. But that still, small voice kept asking, "At what cost is all of this 'achievement'?"

Following my deepest instincts, I encouraged several families to prioritize slowing down and de-structuring our lives with time in nature. They let me take their children into the wilderness several times a week, and kids were continually filled with awe and wonder as they explored, climbed, invented games, built structures and used nature to create unique art. As they pondered the vastness of the mountains along with the details of the insects' tiny homes, we all watched each child transform into more peaceful, confident and empathetic little humans. 

We knew this was a big part of the answer. So Nature Rangers was built! In 2021 we opened our doors to the public and have grown every year through a vast network of happy alumni. We have grown and expanded into other states and offer over 20 programs each year to serve families with the gift of exploration.

Now with a team of wilderness lovers and trained educators, we continue to bring together together our expertise and passions creating spaces where kids get to explore, create and learn through hands-on experiences in nature. A place where kids feel heard, seen and appreciated for their own special gifts. A place that is free from shifting narratives and brimming with love. We hope to have the honor of serving your family.

Founder, Tracy Thomas, in 2020 with her
inspiration for nature rangers