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Wilderness Exploration Programs 

Join us in Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, San Antonio & Medford!

2024 Summer Camps in

Santa Barbara Now Enrolling!!

Join us outdoors in Santa Barbara & Goleta for 10 different weeks of fun in nature! All sessions include engaging wilderness exploration activities, games, arts & crafts, free play and a whole lot of discovery!

  • K-4th Grade Campers | $335/wk
  • 5th-8th Grade Counselor in Training (CIT) Opportunities | $115/wk
  • 9am-2pm | Optional 2-hr After Care
  • Spring Break & All Summer Long!

Looking to enrich your homeschool with outdoor education?

Meet our Weekly Homeschool Programs!

Join us in various outdoor locations where we engage children in "place-based" experiential learning. We provide hands-on activities to bring relevant nature studies to life, and into our days, we gently weave in wilderness education, nature crafting, and seasonal ecological studies. We also hold space to play games, do arts & crafts and enjoy the wonder of nature while encouraging positive character development. Our goal to truly serve our families with love.

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Nature Studies

Spark curiosity, enhance observation skills and engage all five senses. Join us for a collection of lessons, fun facts, graphics and hands-on nature journaling activities to observe and appreciate the different wonders and elements of nature. 

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Virtues & Values

Cultivate your child's innate potential for goodness. Deep dive into character traits, and gain a comprehensive toolkit to help your family understand each concept with literature and practical activities that bring the learning to life. 

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 Deep Dive Into Our Activities!

Learn in more detail about some of the things we do during the day

Programs, What We Do

Discover the Great Outdoors

At Nature Rangers, we have the privilege of offering a dynamic opportunity for children to immerse themselves in the beauty [read more]

Programs, What We Do

Earn Badges

Nature Rangers offers an exciting badge system that rewards children for their accomplishments and achievements throughout the course of their [read more]

Programs, What We Do

Develop Leadership Skills

At Nature Rangers Wilderness Programs, we not only encourage connection with nature, but we prioritize transformative experiences that lead to [read more]

Programs, What We Do

Play Games

Designed to inspire curiosity, teamwork, and a love for the great outdoors, our games offer fun experiences for young adventurers. [read more]

Programs, What We Do

Create Art

The wilderness offers a vibrant platform for children to unleash their creativity and express themselves through a variety of artistic [read more]

Programs, What We Do

Make Wilderness Crafts

Nature Rangers provides a creative and hands-on way for children to connect with the natural world while unleashing their imagination. [read more]

Programs, What We Do

Activate the Five Senses

Nature walks are a fun and exciting part of our time at Nature Rangers. With the animated joy of our [read more]

Programs, What We Do

Walk in the Wilderness

Nature walks are a fun and exciting part of our time at Nature Rangers. With the animated joy of our [read more]

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