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Now Enrolling in Santa Barbara and San Antonio!

Looking to enrich your homeschool routine with outdoor education?

Meet our Wilderness Homeschool Program!

Join us in various outdoor locations throughout Santa Barbara and Los Angeles where we engage children in "place-based" experiential learning. We provide hands-on activities to bring relevant nature studies to life, and into our days, we gently weave in wilderness education, wildcrafting, and seasonal ecological studies. We also hold space to play games, do arts & crafts and enjoy the wonder of nature while encouraging positive character development. Our goal to truly serve our families with love.

2023 Summer Camps

Join us outdoors in Santa Barbara for 9 different weeks of fun in nature! All sessions include gentle wilderness learning, leadership, games, arts & crafts, free play and a whole lot of child-led exploration!

  • TK-4th Graders
  • Counselor in Training Opportunities (5th-9th)
  • 9am-2pm
  • $325/week

Our Kid-Focused Enrichment Modules:

Nature Studies

Spark curiosity, enhance observation skills and engage all five senses. Join us for a collection of lessons, fun facts, graphics and hands-on nature journaling activities to observe and appreciate the different wonders and elements of nature. 

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Virtues & Values

Cultivate your child's innate potential for goodness. Deep dive into character traits, and gain a comprehensive toolkit to help your family understand each concept with literature and practical activities that bring the learning to life. 

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Teach your kids how to love themselves and others in ways you might not expect! Don't miss out on this heart-opening experience!

our approach

Creating a foundation for children to thrive in and out of the classroom

By bringing character development, nature and nutrition into everyday family life, we believe it transforms children's resilience and sparks a curiosity for greater education. 

Our mission is to inspire in each child a sense of self-confidence and a deep satisfaction as they relate to the world around them through easy-to-incorporate modules specially designed to evoke wonder, nourish the body and satisfy the soul... all while building a deeper family connection.

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body, mind & Spirit

Why nourishing your whole child matters

As a board certified nutritionist, I know how important it is to feed our children so they have fewer colds, longer attention spans, and more regulated moods, however everything that goes into your child’s body and mind impacts how they perceive the world and their place in it. By carefully choosing the conversations you have, your experiences in nature, and your food in the kitchen, you help to grow their self confidence and sense of purpose.

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